Longing for Peace

Have you ever wanted for something so desperately that you think you will be unable to move forward without some confirmation that you’re going to receive it?  Maybe you need healing or money or connection … whatever it is, an intense longing for reconciliation of some kind has hijacked the present and the ransom it demands is your contentment.

Then … a word is said or a thought thunk or the truth whispered in your ear during prayer or meditation and the teapot of your emotions is tipped almost imperceptibly. Gently the pressure is released, you are released, as the ache becomes ineffectual.  Like a Chinese finger trap that tightens as you scramble to escape, but rewards freedom if you are brave enough to stop resisting.

Tony Evans says in his book, Victory in Spiritual Warfare, that the battle is already won … that we are not fighting for victory, but from a place of victory.  A belief in that idea changes everything; longing for something on the physical level while knowing the problem is already solved on a spiritual level nullifies the craving.  There is no need to pursue a solution to soothe the ache of loss or avoid the pain of the ache because the problem of pain and ache and longing are manufactured in our minds as we struggle against their grip and become stuck in the trap.  In truth, a better plan begins with easing into a state of surrender.

Attempting to wrestle the pain and fear into submission is like trying to tattoo a bubble …  utterly impossible to accomplish by force.  Like Jacob, we are wrestling with God in the desert, in the night, by the crooked dry river, refusing to let Him go until He blesses us.  Counterproductive, when all that’s required is to rest and wait (Psalm 37:7), be quiet, hold our peace, and let God fight for us (Exodus 14:14) instead of fighting against Him.

Surrendering to the flow of that vibe that connects us to God and allows Him to open His hand and satisfy our desires (Psalm 145:16) … that is as easy as lying down next to still waters and having a soothing balm poured into your soul (Psalm 23).

Rumi believes that, “You can limp along until your legs are spent, you fall flat, and your energy is drained, then the Grace of the Divine will lift you.”  I can testify that, if necessary, God will allow you to be brought to your knees or touch the hollow of your thigh, but one way or another you are laying down in that lush green meadow because Love promised and Love is only capable of the truth.   Love promised to follow you all the days of your life even into the valley of the shadow of whatever dark ditch you’ve run yourself off in, haul you out of it, and prepare a table for you in the presence of those illusive enemies.  You may bare the scar of that holy encounter, look at it and be reminded of how you were strengthened through the experience, and in the end count it all joy.   Rest assured, Love will pour His goodness into you until you no longer want.

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